What Are Turkish Towels?


Turkish towels are a product unique to Turkey that are used today in a wide range of settings including at the beach, in the bathroom, during yoga and gym classes, picnics, or as a travel companion. These towels have various different names, the most common being a peshtemal. A peshtemal is the traditional name given to the woven towel that was originally used to cover the body in a Turkish hammam or bath – another traditional Turkish custom. Peshtemals have a history of nearly 600 years and originated in Anatolia, Turkey. These towels are also known as a fringet towel, tassel towel or a hammam towel. A silk peshtemal is called a fota, but peshtemal is usually woven by cotton, linen or bamboo yarn.


How Do I Place An Order


You can either place an order on our website here by using our Shop tab above or if you prefer you can find us online at Amazon.co.uk. 

Payment and Shipping

Pasha Life accepts all major credit cards, we also use Paypal .  We are currently offering free delivery in within the UK on our Turkish towels. All products shipped within the UK are done so with Royal Mail and will be with you within 2-5 days of placing the order. We also ship internationally using various couriers.

Returns & Refunds

Pasha Life prides itself on its quality but if you're ever unhappy with our products you have 28 days from purchase to return our product and we will be happy to provide a full refund.


Care Instructions

Our Turkish towels are all made from 100% Turkish Cotton and having used them ourselves for over a decade we know that they wash incredibly well and in fact get softer with each wash. Due to the handmade nature of these products, there will often be slight imperfections in the material. Please do not worry, this is perfectly normal.

Ideally they need to be washed at 40 degrees. 



The Turkish towels measure approx 100cm x 180cm.


Our Pasha Life Marmaris Towels in Pink a